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Tree Felling


Tree Removal

The way a tree is felled depends on its height and weight. The two most common ways to fell a tree is either by straight felling or section felling.


Straight Felling

Straight felling removes the whole tree in one swoop. This can only be carried out if space permits.


Section Felling

More commonly the tree will be in a tight confined space with buildings/ greenhouses nearby.  In these situations we will remove the tree in sections one at a time and lower them to the ground.

Tree Pruning

There are many methods for pruning trees. Common reasons include to improve the overall shape of the tree, increasing light in your garden, improving the health and most importantly to prevent damage to the tree or property.



Crown Reduction

Reduces the overall size of the tree typically between 20-30%.

The end result will be a balanced canopy that is both aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the trees natural shape.



Crown thinning

The removal of deadwood and crossing branches. It helps to increase the light that can penetrate through the tree. This can be particularly useful if you have large trees near your house or in your garden that creates shade.


Crown Lifting

The removal of lower branches to raise the canopy of the tree. This can be for aesthetic reasons or to allow clearance for vehicles on a public highway (5.2m/ 17ft), public footpaths (2.5m/ 8ft) and lawnmowers etc.


Deadwood is dangerous as it is unpredictable and can become unstable and fall at any point particularly in strong winds. Removing deadwood is also an important measure to prevent the spread of disease in the tree



Pollarding involves the removal of a lot or all of the branches of the tree, leaving only the main trunk.

This is sometimes necessary when a tree has been badly misshapen through bad pruning, storm damage or its positioning.

Pollarding leaves the tree with a good strong framework from which new branches will grow. This looks a bit drastic to start with but means you will end up with a tree that is stronger, has a better shape and easier to maintainin the future.


Hedge Trimming

We deal with all aspects of hedge and shrub maintenance from keeping them neat and tidy to totally re-forming overgrown hedges.


Regular hedge cutting service

We can set up a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your hedge stays looking great. Sevices can be scheduled on a basis that suits you such as monthly, quaterly or yearly.

One-off hedge trimming

Prices depend on the size and condition of your hedge.

Domestic or commercial

We provide hedge trimming services to homes, businesses, schools and councils.

Stump Grinding


Once a tree has been removed you have two options to deal with the stump.

If the ground is not required for other purposes such as paving, turfing or replanting then a non toxic poison is usually sufficient. However, if you require that the stump be removed to below ground level we can use use a stump grinder to remove the stump and surface roots.

We use specialised stump grinding equipment to remove stumps of any size.  The tree stump and surface roots will be ground down to well below ground level, which is an adequate depth for laying a lawn or concreting over the area.

We have two machines one that can be used for more heavy duty stumps and one that can fit through narrow gaps where access is restricted.


Firewood & wood chips

We also have wood chip and quality seasoned hard wood for sale. 

Seasoned firewood £60 for 1m/square. Give us a call to order.